Big Brother Star Game - The Namibia Kenya Connection

Namibian Big Brother housemate Junia (23) and her 22-year-old student beau, Malonza from Nairobi, Kenya, wasted no time in getting comfortable in the BBA house where they each lived it up and each had their fair share of lip locks and steamy embraces.
The Namibian chatted to the loved-up pair of 'friends' to find out if their union created any beef in the house, if kissing their way through the game was a strategy and if there'll be any Namibia-Kenya collaborations in future...

Final year Business Administration student, the hunky Malonza entered the game with his brother Alex. On entering the house he said he was, 'tired of being a groupie' and had set his sights on stardom.
Some may describe you as a bit of a womaniser. Would you agree?
CAPITAL LETTER, underline, bold, italics - NO! I don't even really know what that means but I am definitely not one.
Well, that would be a guy who has relationships with several different women in a short period of time. Kind of like you had with Edith, Jannette and Junia. Which of your BBA ladies did you like most?
Well, just like a princess needs to kiss a bunch of frogs before getting to her prince, I kissed a couple of the ladies before getting to Junia. We have this chemistry that is simply undeniable. She makes everything interesting, she makes me smile and she makes me happy.
Your brother Alex seems to think that your relationship with Junia was the reason you were evicted. Why do you think you got the boot?
I've been trying to figure that one out but I still haven't gotten to a conclusion. I guess maybe the fans were tired of us, just being in the house. Maybe they were eager to meet us and so wanted us out.
What did you learn from your BBA experience?
I learned that I can contain and keep myself together in a stressful environment. I managed to keep my composure, I never fought with anybody so I realised that I can be myself and keep it together.
What will you take away from this experience?
The whole experience. It was truly a once in a lifetime thing. Also my friendship with Junia.
Mmh, on that note, have you and Junia decided on the official status of your relationship yet?
I have made it clear that we are definitely friends. That is the main ingredient in this dish and that is what we will take away from the experience. We are both single and enjoying ourselves. We still feel the same way about each other, we're just two crazy people.
Do you think there will be more of a Kenya-Namibia connection in future?
Most def! There is a Kenya-Namibian connection. A friendship which is very important in both our lives. Imagine spending so much time in the house and leaving with no connections, no one to talk to... In Junia, I have found a friend who is a girl.
We definitely plan to visit each other. I'd love to come to Namibia, it will be one of my main stops and I have already invited Junia to come and experience some Nairobi flavour.
What is your opinion of the other Namibian house mate, Lady May?
When we first came to Upville, the vibe from her was a bit off and as the week progressed, she seemed to be more fake. I didn't enjoy her company but then you can't judge people by what they do. She did some things out of the ordinary and well, I'm really not sure. I haven't watched her on the outside. Something simply wasn't resonating with a number of the house mates which is probably why they keep nominating her.
Who do you think will win?
Obviously I am rooting for my brother, he's interesting and at the end of the day the money still trickles down to me. Keagan may win - I will not be surprised, and Talia is a really great person, she is who she is and she is awesome. I am rooting for her.
What next for you?
I will definitely concentrate on finishing my studies. I still have a semester to go before I graduate. I am interested in entrepreneurship and being self-employed. That mixed with some entertainment, perhaps acting - who knows, I will go with it.
Receptionist and student Junia, describes herself as fun, loving, hard-headed and phenomenal and says she is easy-going and understanding, although a bit of a hard nut to crack...
How does it feel to be out of the house?
Well, it feels weird - back to reality. At the same time, it's overwhelming and exciting.
Which is better, Downville or Upville?
Downville baby! I liked it more because it was so ghetto! Relaxed, with an awesome atmosphere and lots of fun. Upville was a bit too reserved, almost too classy. Being around celebrities was weird because they had their fans already, they were famous before entering the house and had to behave in a certain way while nobody knew us in Downville, so we could do whatever we wanted.
How would you describe your Big Brother experience?
It was the most exciting experience ever! Awesome, fantastic and crazy.
What did you learn about yourself through it?
Before entering the house, I never thought I was an emotional person but while in the house I think I got in contact with the emotional side of Junia. I cried a few times and that is OK, to be sad sometimes. I also have to thank Keagan for having all those fights with me. He helped me realise that I can stand up for myself and that is the most important lesson I will take, moving forward.
Has Fifi (Junia's tummy) always been around or did she just show up while you were in the house?
Well, Fifi comes and goes. I think maybe I always had her, but she was never a problem until I entered the house and had to live with a bunch of skinny girls. Nafe came up with her name and it was fun having everyone making a bit of fun of her.
But Fifi and I have an understanding and - she has to go! I plan to work on my abs.
Speaking of working out, did you enjoy the daily exercise sessions in the house?
Sometimes. Sometimes it was too hard but it is something I would like to take forward in my life.
Who do you think will win?
Well, Biggie always seems to have a way of surprising us. I really have no idea. I hope Talia, Keita or Alex win, but whoever wins, I will be happy for them. Even Lady May, if she wins it will be a BBA first for Namibia, which will be awesome too.
Why do you think most of the house mates seem to be gunning to get Lady May out of the house?
They may feel that she is a strong character. Today she is serious, tomorrow she may be free and hyperactive - singing, dancing and making jokes. You just never know with Lady May. I think the house mates have been trying to figure her out but she's not really giving anyone a chance. I have never met anybody who is so closed off. She knows exactly what to say and what not to say and won't allow anybody to use anything against her. She is strong and I hope she makes it far.
Was there beef between you and Janette?
I have no problem with her! There was no beef. I just think sometimes when she gets drunk, she's a bit too much.
Was kissing the boys part of your strategy?
I had no strategy whatsoever! You can't keep a strategy up in the game, you can only be yourself and I had to be Junia. Fair enough. Those kisses were part of 'spin the bottle' and not really a strategy ... I just had fun.
So, do you have a different answer for us on the status of your relationship with Malonza?
We're both single and we are friends who understand each other on a whole other level. Only the two of us know how we feel.
What next for you?
I'd like to do some travelling and I hope to work on my acting career. I'd love to be on TV more, and who knows, I might even do some modelling with Fifi!

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