Big Brother Star Game Prezzo In Nigeria, Goldie Expects Proposal

Prezzo, Kenya rep at the Big Brother Africa star game show will address a press this afternoon in Lagos Nigeria. He won the second position at the finals of the BBA competition.
As the new One Campaign Ambassador, Prezzo will work on various campaigns with Bono, Mary J Blige, Nas and other Showbiz personalities in an effort to alleviate hunger in Africa and fight extreme poverty.
He may not have won the Big Brother StarGame prize, but Jackson Makini aka Prezzo could be the biggest beneficiary of this competition with the One Campaign Ambassador title.

Some Nigerians who watched the reality show were bitter that Prezzo ‘jilted’ Goldie, despite the open display of affection from the Nigerian singer. Media contacts for Prezzo revealed that he has decided to solve all the unsolved mysteries and answer all the unanswered questions buzzing in our brains about every single moment in the StarGame House.

Prezzo is also expected to propose to Goldie in what could turn out to be a happy ending for the Nigerian Music star.

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  1. I hope he knows what he is up against...