Read full transcript of Boko Haram's new video

Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau released a new video to prove that he is not dead.

Read Transcript below:

To the infidels of Nigeria, president Muhammadu Buhari and his likes, Idris Derby, the man with a sight like a goat. To the people of Niger Republic and the entire Africa and the world in general.
You should listen, I am fine and alive but you should know if my day comes you will not have seen me, many people the world did not plan their death end up dying. Many again are alive despite plot to finish them on the surface of the earth.

There is nothing that was not planned against our revered Prophet Mohammed but he succeed against all the plots. You should do all you can with your Benjamin Netanyahu, you should continue all you can with your John Kerry, you should continue plot with your Banki-Moon, do all your plot with your Geneva people, all your plans according to Allah are not up to a cob-web.

This is what we are for, working for Allah and working hard to preach to the entire world. We are not working for the world or working with our wisdom; we are working for Allah. We are not sociologists; we are practicing ‘Quranism’.

We are followers of the Hadith. We are not learned but knowledgeable according to Allah’s injunctions. We are not wise but followers of Allah that is why we are above your bragging and human power.

Stop all this your bragging before us, that you have planes, that you were in Iraq and killed mujahideens. You are just flying on the sky which Allah possess, is it with this that you will impress us?

We are followers of Allah, it is Allah that we are serving, do you think democracy is Islam? You Hausas and Kanuri of Nigeria? You Miyyeti Allah? We will all triumph over you; only Allah is supreme.

You Buratai (warning him in Kanuri local language ) we will crush you, and you heard our words in Kanuri because it is your mother tongue. You Buhari, you are worshipping the cow, you should worship Allah, you think you are wise and a Major General, you are not up to a cob-web. It's Quran and Allah that we know. Brethren wherever you are go back to the Quran and Prophet Mohammed.

You should depend on Allah only; Prophet Mohammed has admonished us not to eat in a plate used by the Jews until it is washed. Prophet has stopped us from wearing clothes of the Jew, the same thing he warned us against denigrating one another, whether you are a Hausa or a Kanuri.

We are close to you, all enemies of Islam, Allah knows the secret like he knows the sleep of the blind and reading of the deaf. This is what I can say according to what Allah said. And you call me Khawarji (those that come with beautiful preaching but evil deeds) why gossiping in the work of Allah?

This is what Allah said; you are collecting aid from the people's hat you will free the girls, Buhari, Buhari, your own people will revolt against you because of your lies.

You Buhari don't under-estimate me, it's Allah, I am preaching to you Buhari to repent and accept Allah. Buhari, fear Allah, Buhari, Buhari.

People of Chibok, you have a long way to go. There is more of ‘Bring back our girls’, we will not ‘Bring back your girls,' bring back our own brethren. Bring back our brethren.

Bring back our brethren; this is Shekau; I am fine and healthy.

You the people of Kano, you are in trouble if you don't follow Quran, you betrayed Usman Danfodio. People of Kaduna, Shiites you should repent, Tijjaniya, you should repent, this is the end.

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