Some Nigerians don’t believe corruption is wrong - EFCC chairman

Ibrahim Magu, acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), says not all Nigerians believe that corruption is wrong.

Speaking on Tuesday after a media workshop organised for journalists covering activities of the commission, Magu stated that the fact he was functioning in acting capacity as chairman of the EFCC has only given him determination to fight against corruption.

“You can’t make everybody to key in because some people don’t believe corruption is wrong; you should not expect 100 percent acceptance but I’m sure a greater number of Nigerians are with us,” Magu said.

“The fact that I’m acting gives me more determination. You never know, when I’m there [confirmed] I’ll crush it [corruption].

“That’s why sometimes I put EFCC on 24 hours basis so that we can do what we can within the available time [of acting capacity]. I think I have more determination to clear the ground as much as we can.

“The evil of corruption affects everybody so it is our duty to put our house in order. It is not only for us [FCC] as we cannot claim monopoly of knowledge of fighting corruption; everybody is a stakeholder. If we work together, we are going to record tremendous success.”

He added that he was not expecting to be pampered by journalists, saying: “When I’m wrong, tell me. It is easier for you to correct my wrong doings so I want to hear the wrongs so that we can correct them, there’s nothing like perfection.”

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