Nigeria will continue to move forward - Osinbajo

The Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, on Sunday, declared that the country had moved forward as it turned 56 years and would continue to move forward.

He made the declaration in a speech at the service of the Olive Tree Parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Lagos.

He asked the congregation if they knew that God made a promise to the nation which was that the nation would be great and made the same promise to them as individuals.

According to him, a lot of people are confused and asking if the promise will ever come true. He said “this country has gone forward and it is going to keep moving forward.”

 Osinbajo recalled that while he was praying recently, the Lord reminded him of something he asked him to do on the eve of the 2015 Presidential election. He said that God asked him to take the communion because he was crossing over and when he did (take the communion) He took him through the journey from Egypt to the Promised Land.

He said God reminded him of what happened in that journey. He added that the first thing that happened was that God himself said if he took the children of Israel through the path where the Philistines lived, they would be afraid and would be asked to return to Egypt. He said that God rather took the people through the Red Sea.

He explained that by the time they were about crossing the sea, there was a fight back from where they were coming from as Pharoah chased them and wanted to bring them back. He said the incident got Moses confused as he did not know what to do as God never told him there would be a Red Sea, a difficulty, in the journey. The vice president added that if God was with us, no one would be against us.

“The reason why I, Yemi Osinbajo, without asking for a position, was given the Vice Presidency of this nation is because God’s hand is in this business. “And so, I am completely confident that despite where we are today, it is the dawn of a new beginning. “It has begun to show and surely there is a very bright light at the end of the tunnel.”

He noted that “God knows that this country has a plan and purpose in Africa and in the world; the lan and purpose will never diminish or be cut short.” Osinbajo said that the role of Christians as spiritual people was not to grumble, adding that Christians had been trained to be steadfast in times of difficulty.

He recalled the injunction he gave to the parish in the past about having a role to play in making the country great. He said the vision of the Church and that of the country were tied together, stressing that every citizen of the country would eat of the good of the nation.

 He advised the congregation to always seek righteousness in order to obtain God’s blessings.

 He also urged them to be confident in spite of the trial times “as God is going to do incredible things in this country.”

He thanked the leadership of the Church for the excellent way they shepherded the flock, noting that the parish would grow from strength to strength. A popular gospel artiste, Don Moen, was a guest at the service and he rendered songs of hope and praise for Nigeria and the Almighty.

 According to Moen the challenges in the economy will strengthen the nation. He said that “unless we go through these challenging times, we won’t be able to appreciate what God will do.”

The vice president also attended the fellowship rally of the House of Freedom Church, TBS, Lagos and spoke on “One Nation, No Shaking.”

He said the country would remain indivisible and would attain greatness with the support of every citizen.

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