Fashion Style on a Budget

Fashion is not about the Price of the item but how you style it. This is a very strong case for supporters of thrift fashion. I personally believe in a mix of both worlds. As groovy thrifts sounds, it is called Okrika in Nigeria.

Picking thrifted fashion pieces is a skill in itself; secondhand clothes do not have to be outdated, faded, boring or slacked. In other not give up your secret, you should have an eye for selecting quality pieces. With the way trends fade out WHICH IS A DELIBERATE ATTEMPT BY Innovative fashion business owners to remain in business, consider using a huge sum to buy currently trending fashion items when you can get similar items for less and still be trendy and desirable. (MAKES SENSE!)

In Nigeria, there is a stigma around thrifting and people who buy thrifted items are often regarded as less-privileged. But truthfully, there is a story around those who patronize thrifts stores. 

The way the Nigerian economy is set up does not allow for anything extravagant. Despite the ongoing hassle, the current national minimum wage is 18,500 which is the exact amount for an inexpensive Zara bag.

If you are on a budget, then thrift finds should be your go-to shopping centers especially with the hiked price of brand new fashion items as a result of the exchange rate. There are a few tips for thrifting –

1. It’s cheap, so you probably want to buy without clarifying size, fit, color. These are valid questions that should inform your buying decision. So take a minute and do the needful.

2. Bargain. As cheap as it is, you are on a budget so a little discount so a little discount would help you save more.

3. Here are a few items you should avoid: Damaged goods, Clothes with heavy embellishment Stained clothes.

4. Launder properly – We know that thrift clothes in Nigeria have typical ordour, so not laundering is not an option. Do well to separate the delicate fabrics and give extra attention to armpits and neck area.

5. Guess what? Thrift is a new way to make fast money. It is not news that some women have clothes in their closet that they have not worn in the last 2- 3 years. How about you sell and make some extra cash.

Eventually, the clothes you wear must not look the way your bank account looks because that is how the world would address you. The dress.

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