Nigeria: The Road to Restoration

When Nigeria is the subject of any discourse, brace yourself up for an unending session. It has been 58 years of the pillar to post movements with no well-founded reason for Nigeria’s present predicaments.

Some discussants have often attributed the problem to Nigeria’s premature independence; others have credited the issue to our leadership structure. Anyway, we chose, admitting that there are (are) problems is the first step in the right direction.

Although the aforementioned issues are two sides of a coin, they do not lay comprehensive emphasis on the subject of nationhood. The groundwork dates back to the era of colonialism, where northern Nigeria was given preferential treatment by giving more representation than eastern and western regions put together. The excuse for this was the fact that the Northerners were easier to rule as they rely solely on the instructions of the emirs, who were used as tools by the colonial masters.

Unlike the eastern and western regions that were more educated and had a structured and decentralized government respectively.

More than anything else, Nationhood is having a psychological bond created by sharing the same language, culture, origin, territory, and even goals. In this light, Nigeria has fallen short as we still co-tenants. It, therefore, means that subjecting Nigeria to the idea of Neo-colonialism under the umbrella of Commonwealth of Nations and the likes should critically analyze.

Nigeria is rightly and divinely positioned to be the giant of Africa, but if your house is on fire how then do you quench the fire in another’s house are we kind or just plain foolish? 

Nigeria has funded several peacekeeping initiatives around the world, yet we struggle with terrorist groups like Boko Haram, Baddo Cult, Niger Delta groups et al. We have lofty dreams and it includes a Nigeria that is secured but definitely not a country that lacks a defined ideology and strategy.

In a bid to solve the fundamental issues, our minds have to be conditioned aright. For a country with over 250 ethnic groups and over 500 indigenous languages to achieve Nationhood, parallel identities must be sacrificed on the altar of restoration.

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